Authentic Kosher Food
That Reminds You of Home

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Kosher Food Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As an exclusive kosher restaurant and food service business, Pittsburgh Kosher Food Management in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serves all the authentic kosher foods you love. We specialize in homemade soups and comfort foods.

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The Kosher Difference
You haven't tasted real, homemade kosher food until you visit our restaurant! Forget the fast food replicas, and come in to try our healthy and freshly made dishes in the cozy atmosphere in our green and gold dining room.

Experience You Can Trust
At the Pittsburgh Kosher Food Management partnership, authentic kosher is a way of life, not just a business.

We are a growing company, and with more than 15 years of experience in the kosher industry, you can count on us for great service and delicious food. Your satisfaction is our priority and it is our goal to ensure you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy cooking it for you.

Contact us today to request more information on our authentic kosher food.